2017-05-24 20:41:25

Torch - Topic Hierarchies


The online platforms for publishing and storing digital content has contributed significantly to the growth of several text repositories. Due to the need to extract useful knowledge from these repositories, methods for automatic and intelligent organization of text collections have received great attention in the literature. The use of topic hierarchies is one of the most popular approaches for this organization because they allow users to explore the collection interactively through topics that indicate the contents of the available documents. 

The software Torch - Topic Hierarchies was developed to help users to 'see hidden topics' in text collections and can be used in a wider variety of applications such as digital libraries, web directories, social networks, and document engineering. The extraction of topic hierarchies is based on unsupervised and semi-supervised learning methods from text collections. In particular, Torch uses clustering methods such as k-means, bisecting-kmeans, UPGMA, and incremental single-pass clustering. Currently, we are investigating consensus clustering, active learning, and semi-supervised clustering to improve the learning of topic hierarchies. 

For more details about the Torch and to download our software, visit the papers in the related research. 

Additionally, you can try a simple online demo of the Torch for web cluster engine (DBLP Computer Science Bibliography).


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