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Pinda Systematic Mapping

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Vigência: 2016-05-02 a 2017-06-29

This web page, based on the Pinda tool, presents additional visualizations for a systematic mapping study about text mining and semantics titled "Text mining and semantics: a systematic mapping study". There are two visualization sets defined by the selected dataset, which can be accessed in the top-right menuTitle + Abstract dataset refers to visualizations of document contents (title and abstract). SM Results dataset refers to visualizations of results (information extracted) of the systematic mapping study.

Figure 1: data visualization based on titles and abstracts.

This tool provides a hierarchical visualization of the textual data, using the K-means algorithm to group the results. It allows the analysis of data (title+abstract of selected studies or information extracted of accepted studies) through multiple Visualization techniques (Thumbnail, Snippets, Directories, Scatterplot, Treemap, and Sunburst), coordinating the user interactions for a better understanding of existing relationships.

Figura 2: data visualization based on the systematic mapping results.