MApp-IDEA: Monitoring App for Issue Detection and Prioritization

The paper awarded at SBES is entitled “MApp-IDEA: Monitoring App for Issue Detection and Prioritization” and is authored by Prof. Dr. Vitor Mesaque (UFMS), Prof. Dr. Jacson Rodrigues Barbosa (INF/UFG) and Prof. Dr. Ricardo Marcacini.

The paper describes the MApp-IDEA tool, which was published and presented at the Tools Track of the 37th SBES. MApp-IDEA was developed to support software engineers in evaluating, quality-evaluating, and maintaining applications using artificial intelligence, including LLMs, from millions of reviews of the organization’s app, as well as competing and related apps.

MApp-IDEA is the result of PhD thesis research by prof. Vitor Mesaque Lima, from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), who was supervised by prof. Ricardo Marcacini and co-supervisor by prof. Jacson Barbosa.

Below, a video demonstrating the tool, as well as a technical report that presents more details.

MApp-IDEA tool

More details: