The Laboratory of Computational Intelligence (LABIC) was founded in 1995. It is part of the Computer Science Department of the Institute of Mathematical and Computing Sciences of the University of São Paulo, São Carlos campus.

The laboratory invests in teaching qualified personnel, developing research projects and consulting. The Computational Intelligence group develops research into Computational (Artificial) Intelligence techniques and applications. The problems faced by the group’s researchers generally require some type of automatic acquisition of application domain knowledge and, therefore, cannot be solved using conventional computational techniques.

In particular, the group focused on the areas of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (Data Mining), Textual Documents (Text Mining) and Temporal and Sequential Data (Temporal and Sequential Data Mining); Machine Learning (fuzzy and crisp) and Graph Learning. Our research has been applied to a number of diverse application domains, including Medicine, Bioinformatics, Entomology, Engineering, Agribusiness, Education and Finance.